Unlock VIP Access to the “Once In A Year” ZODIAC Sale

January 02: ZODIAC Clothing Company Ltd (ZCCL*), India’s finest clothing brand for men, has built its reputation on quality & design.

The brand is known for going on markdown sales strictly “Once In A Year” and for a very limited period. In fact the ZODIAC Annual Sale is a much-awaited event for the brand’s discerning customers.

This year ZODIAC is providing its discerning customers with “VIP Access” to their annual sale. Every customer who registers on https://bit.ly/ZodiacVIPAccess will get access to the annual sale one day before the sale opens for everyone. This means one can get an advantage over others to view the merchandise before it goes off the shelves. The sale will take place in phases across India with over 100 company-managed stores

The ZODIAC Store are home to 3 premium menswear brands, each positioned to address a specific target consumer. ZODIAC, for the classic yet contemporary male’s corporate wardrobe; ZOD! Club Wear for the trendy, fashionable male; z3 Relaxed Luxury casual wear for those who do not need to dress formally. 

After registering for VIP access, a message with an invitation and the sale date before opening to the crowds will be sent to the recipient.

About ZCCL

Zodiac Clothing Company Limited (ZCCL) is a vertically integrated, transnational that controls the entire clothing chain from design, manufacturing, and distribution to retail sales. With a manufacturing base in India & sales offices across India, UK, Germany and USA, ZCCL has almost 2500 people. The company operates a 5000 sq. ft. Italian-inspired design studio at its Mumbai Corporate office, a LEED Gold-certified building. The brand is retailed across India at premium prices through over 100 company-managed stores, 1200 multi–brand retailers and www.zodiaconline.com