Ruma Sharma talks about her challenging role in Honey Trap Squad ALTT’s series

New Delhi (India), July 24: Ruma Sharma, the rising star of the web space and a national school of drama student is all set to mesmerize the audience with her upcoming web show titled “Honey Trap Squad, streaming on ALTT as the secret agent in the show. Describing her character, Ruma exclaims, “My character can be […]

Kabiraa to showcase unmatched rapping skills with street challenges across cities

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], June 22: AayaTeraKabiraa, also known as Kabiraa, has taken the rap scene by storm with his exceptional freestyle skills and the rare ability to create spontaneous raps on any given set of words and topics. Armed with an unwavering passion for rap music, Kabiraa has captivated audiences across the nation with his electrifying performances […]

Mayank Gola: From Mr. India International to Bollywood Sensation

New Delhi (India), June 23: The world of entertainment has always been captivated by exceptional talent and unique personalities. One such individual who has been making waves in both the modeling and film industries is Mayank Gola. From winning prestigious titles to showcasing his acting prowess on the big screen, Mayank’s journey from Mr. India International […]

बिग बॉस मराठी 4 मध्ये समृध्दी जाधव जिंकतिये सर्वांची मने

समृद्धी जाधव हीने जिंकली सर्वांची मने समृद्धी जाधव ही मूळची सोलापूर जिल्ह्यातील सांगोला तालुक्यातील असून तिचा जन्म आणि शिक्षण पुण्यात झाले आहे. समृद्धी एका सामान्य घरातून आलेली बिग बॉस मराठी ४ ची स्पर्धक आहे. ती दिसायला जरी मॉडर्न असली तरी तिचे राहणीमान अतिशय साधे असल्याचे दिसून येते..बिग बॉस मराठी सिझन ४ च्या घरात ती सर्वात […]

StreamKar- Supporting Yourself as a Live Streaming Artist

New Delhi (India), June 9: All that an artist needs is their talent to carve a niche for themselves. Their work does the talking. India’s most sought after live streaming platform StreamKar facilitates just that. With over 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store, this app connects the dots between an artist and their […]